Just when I needed it most.....

We all have those people in our lives who are difficult. They blame someone else when things don't go their way. They do not check out their facts. They simply let their tongue run amok. It could be your next door neighbor, your friend across the way, a customer or co-worker. You all have met them. They do not check out the details of why something happens the way it does, they just start laying blame. Sometimes one person with a negative attitude can bring you down and ruin your day. They can make you feel like things are worse than what they are. They make you feel like you should be apologizing to them for their lot in life. I received an email this morning from my Positive Thinkers group and it said "Success and excuses do not talk to each other. So if you give excuses forget about success and if you want success don't give excuses." It is not my lot in life to let others make me feel guilty for their problems and insecurities. So I am going to start addressing situations in my personal and professional life with a new attitude. I will no longer shoulder the blame for problems others create in their lives. I will keep a positive, yet firm, attitude when I meet against opposition. I will understand that not everyone enjoys their life and they like to find a scapegoat to blame for their failures. I have to much to enjoy in my life to let one person make me feel like a failure. I will not let the cold, uncaring remarks of one person ruin my day.


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