Getting Organized

I don't know what it is about fresh air and warmer temperatures that makes us want to do some spring cleaning. When I went to my daughter's house Sunday, she had spent Saturday evening organizing closets. She had cleaned, tossed, thrown out, moved around, and boxed up until I was afraid to touch anything for fear of messing it up. Yesterday, with such a beautiful day, I could see why her mind would turn to spring cleaning in January. I have this one room that is our multi-purpose room. It serves as my home office, a library, my craft room and a family room with a sofa bed to make it a guest room when family comes to visit. The closet is very neat, very organized and very full. Every January, I get in my craft mode and want to start new projects. One thing I'm ready to do is my Camp Grandma scrapbook. I've been pulling my pictures all to one place so I can take them to Walmart to print. When I started looking into my craft drawers and containers, I realized that as I purchased the materials for the scrapbook, I have placed various things in different places. I guess I'll have to take a page from my daughters book and get organized first. How many projects do we each have laying around that are half finished because we didn't take the time to get organized first? How many things do we start only to decide, "Think I'll finish this later.". Sometimes we get overwhelmed when we get too much going on and then we don't get anything done. I have a habit of getting so excited about the finished project that I lose patience with the details that get me there. So I'm going to take the scrapbook in baby steps. I'll worry about getting my pictures printed first, then take it from there. Guess it's a good thing she organized her closets and got me motivated to bring some organization to my life.

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