If I could just touch the hem of His garment

Have you ever had an issue you are dealing with and don't know which way to turn? Have you ever felt so overwhelmed that you weren't sure what steps to take. How many times in our lives do we face uncertainty, whether it be a personal situation, a health problem, concerns about family or friends, the loss of a loved one. The obstacles we face in our daily lives are many and sometimes they seem like they are insurmountable. You don't know which way to turn or what to do.
As Christians, we profess our faith and talk about God's goodness and grace. But how do we react when we are put to the test? Do we stand strong, firmly holding on to God's unchanging hand? Or do we fall apart with stress and worry. I've heard it said so many times, "Let go and let God." But do we heed this advice.
No, we struggle and worry. We contemplate the situation and try to come up with our own answers. We need to be more like the woman with the issue of blood. She had such great faith that she believed if she could just touch the hem of Jesus's garment, she would be healed. Such a short story in the bible, such a large lesson in faith. She did not worry about what she should do. She didn't contemplate the alternatives and look for her own solution. She KNEW that one touch of our precious Savior would heal her affliction and make us whole. With all the people crowded around and all the commotion going on, she took that one step of faith. She reached down and touched His robe. With all the distractions, one would think He wouldn't even know she was there. But he immediately said, "Who touched me?" That one simple act changed her life. Her faith made her whole.
As we go into this new year, I pray that God will bring this story to my mind many times. I want to develop a faith so strong that no matter what I face, I know I just have to touch the hem of His garment and He will provide a way.

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I wrote about this same thing on Monday!!!