A mother's love

Drink your milk. Eat your carrots. Stay out of that candy. Clean your plate; there are starving children in Ethiopia.
How many times have we heard these and similar remarks from our parents? We try so hard to set a good example for health and nutrition for our children. But how many times to we worry so much about their emotional well being?
Do you congratulate them when they do good or are you always berating them for misbehaving. Do you tell them you love them and let them know how special they are or are you "too busy" to stop and play?
Little hands when you were small
Left little fingerprints on the wall.
The floor was covered with lots of toys,
There were cars and Barbies and lots of noise.
As you look back and recall those days,
I hope you remember the times we played.
I tried to clean house, but I didn't obsess.
I'd mostly do it while you were at rest.
I strived to be a mother you'd love.
One you'd grow up to be proud of.
It must have been right, those things that I did.
'Cause I see that same love shown to your kids.



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