Oh my!

Sometimes, situations in life happen that define those special moments. The moments that are filled with laughter. Those times that you can tuck away in your memory and pull out later in life and still laugh as hard as you did when it happened. We had one of those moments yesterday with Baby Girl. We were leaving the mall when Brother wanted to get his little trains out of the diaper bag. Well, Baby Girl wanted her diaper bag because she knew she had some toys in there, too. As I'm driving out of the mall, I can see her in my rear view mirror. She is very intent and has her head bent down over the diaper bag that she has pulled into her lap. She is rummaging and searching and having a grand time discovering what is stored in the bag. We drive along enjoying the beautiful day, glad that both the children are content, when we hear Ahhhh! from Baby Girl. I glance in my mirror and shout "Oh my gosh, look at your daughter." Any of you who have ever been around small children know the rules of emergencies. 1. Assess the situation. 2. Determine everyone is okay. 3. Take a photo before the moment gets away 4. Solve the emergency. Now, my daughter, being the brilliant person she is. had the foresight to grab both our camera phones and document the moment before she repaired the damage. They say a picture paints a 1,000 words so I'll let the Kodak moment speak for itself.


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