Play things of yesteryear

I was thinking last night about the toys that were favorites in my family when we were growing up. With one sister and two brothers, we had a lot of favorites. As I was thinking, I noticed many of the things that we loved are still favorites today, while others have fallen by the wayside. Here are just some of the things I remember: Barbie Baby dolls Matchbox cars Little green Army men Cowboy guns and holsters Marbles Mr. Potato Head Slinky Silly Putty Yo Yo's Jacks Jump ropes Chinese Jump Ropes Tinker Toys Lincoln Logs And the list could go on from there. I remember my kids playing with many of the same toys and now I'm buying some of these items for my grandkids. My children grew up in the age of Hello Kitty, CareBears, My Little Pony, WWF Wrestlers, Hot Wheels, He Man and Skeletor, Transformers and GoBots, Strawberry Shortcake and Smurfs. Just stop sometime and think about the favorite toys you had and what joy they brought to you. I can still sit out on the patio on a sunny day and play jacks. I'm still good at it to. I can go all the way to my "tensies" without missing any. The only thing that has changed is somebody better be standing by to help me get UP off the patio when I'm done. Oh the joys of getting old.

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