I believe in angels

I am a firm believer that we have angels all around us. Not just protecting us and guiding us, but lending a helping hand, watching over us as we go our merry way. What makes a great angel? I think some of her best qualities would be patience, understanding, a true nurturer. Consider how we act throughout the day; the predicaments we land ourselves in. When you really take a good look at human nature, we can do some crazy things that probably drive our guardian angels nuts. I think they would have to have a wonderful sense of humor. I took one of those random on-line quizzes the other day that determined "What would your job in Heaven be?" I loved my answer: Brenda's Job in Heaven is Making people spontaneously laugh at random moments.
How cool is that? To think that when I get to Heaven, I'll be the "go-to-girl" for anyone wanting a moment of laughter. It made me stop and think. If I'm that humorous now, wonder how much fun my guardian angels have when it's their day to watch over me?

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