Kissing February Good-Bye

For only 28 days, February has sure felt like a long month. February has long been the month of romance. Valentine's Day, flowers & candy, engagement rings, weddings..romance has been in the air.
This has been one of our coldest February. More snow than we've seen in many years. Even though it didn't stick a lot and we didn't have those horrible accumulations the rest of the nation received, I am still glad that February is over. Of course, March may not be much better. We could still have snow, but we will soon see the crocus and Easter lilies pop up. We'll see the dogwoods start to bloom and the tree budding. The robins are already arriving and the sweet chirp of birds will fill the hair.
So we kiss February goodbye and wish it well for another year. Let's open our arms wide to embrace March and welcome it into our lives. Will it come in like a lion and go out like a lamb? After the weather we have been through, I would rather the lion and lamb lie down peacefully together and just let spring get here.

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