A cat's life

Of all God's creatures great and small, nothing has life as good as a cat does. Cat's are such interesting animals. For those of you who have never had the love of a cat, you don't know what you are missing.
We adopted K.C. from the pound when she was a few weeks old. Skittish and afraid of her own shadow, we made the decision that she would be an inside cat only. We had her fixed and declawed when she was old enough.
K.C. was not a normal cat. She went through her frisky, playful stage; but was still afraid of any sudden moves. But she had a dream life.
Her days existed of laying in the window or on the back of the couch, letting the sun's warmth lull her to sleep. When I would get up in the morning, she was waiting outside the bedroom door. We would walk down the hall to her cat dish, her between my legs - me trying not to fall.
She would get fresh food and water and then go prepare for another nap. Cat's needs are met at all costs. They are fed on schedule; their litter boxes are kept clean for them. We prepare our laps as a nesting place where they can cuddle.
K.C. would lay beside me on the couch at night as we watched TV. She would snuggle and her warmth and gentle purring would lure me to sleep every time. She would become such a dead weight that I would have to literally pry her off me so I could go to bed.
How many times I wished I could lay down just once without a cat on me. Two summers ago, we lost her to health reasons at the age of 17. Now, there are times when I lay down and it's chilly and I wish I had her back to snuggle with again. She was demanding. She was persnickety. She was stubborn. She was opinionated. But she was mine and she loved me. Unconditionally. Day in and day out.


Deb said...
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casiphia said...

We have 8 cats inside not including the one we are baby sitting so that would be 9 and use to have 3 out side but now we are down to 1. My black cat is funny, he has to be in the bathroom when you take a hot steamy shower for he likes the steam and then he gets wacky. At night he lays and cuddles with me in bed before I go to sleep. Cats are very interesting and each one here has their own charachter.


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