Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Do you ever have those times when there are so many decisions to make and you are not sure what you want to do? I shared with you a few weeks ago the excitement of a new dress and shoes for Easter. The excitement has dulled once I started shopping for the new dress and shoes. My body is not made for today's clothing styles. My arms are still slender with tiny wrists, my top half is nothing to brag about. But if I buy something in a size to fit the top half, my hippo hips, excess tummy and thunder thighs groan and moan against the tight restraint. So I'll look for something to be comfortable around the waist and hips. Then the top is so loose, I'm hitching and hiking it up all day. So I decide - TWO PIECE WITH ELASTIC WAIST. No can do. Same problem. They are not a mix and match set. I need one size for the upper half and one size for the bottom half. Arrggh! It is so exasperating. Add to that the fact that I am 53 and do NOT want to look like I'm 53. I still like the dainty petite looking styles that I wore in my 20's. The world is just not fair. So I figure I have several nice dresses that would be suitable for Easter that I have not worn that often. I'll just get new shoes instead. Again, 53 year old body wanting the shoes like I wore when I was 20. Why do we yearn to be what we used to be? I will never be 20 again. I will never be able to walk in 4" spike heels again. I will never be able to wear the dainty, petite little dresses again. So I ask myself, "Why do I bother?" Why make myself deal with all these decisions? But faced with all these decisions on clothing and shoes has helped me to solve one of life's greatest mysteries - Why do we spend so much money on things for our grandchildren? Because it is too depressing to buy things for ourselves at this age.

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