I have a headache. Or does my headache have me?

It's a lovely Saturday morning. The sun is beginning to peek through the clouds, burning off the morning fog. Everything is glistening from the rains yesterday. The temperature is already in the 40's and it's not even 7:00 yet. That in itself is something to be thankful for. The birds are gently chirping outside the window. And I have a headache.
I do not like headaches at any time, but to have one on a weekend when you are planning on shopping is not good. I do not like to take pills so I hold off until the pain usually has control. By the time I break down and take something for it, the pills take longer to work because the pain has gotten so bad.
It's at that point you have to ask, "Do I have a headache or does the headache have me?" Who is in charge? My body because it feels the pain or my mind because it lets the body win. I refuse to accept that The Headache is in control of my destiny today? Am I going to let it win and decide how my day progresses?
I need to take that pain killer and develop an attitude against the headache. It will not beat me today. I am going to think positive thoughts, focus on the good and push the headache to the back of my mind. I will emerge victorious. I will eat chocolate and fortify myself with caffiene. For in truth, my reduction of chocolate and caffiene in my diet, is probably the reason for the headache in the first place. So my current plan of attack is a Pepsi and a Reese cup. That way, the peanut butter can supply me the much needed iron to give me strength for the day.
Don't you just love the way I justify the junk food? Have a lovely Saturday.

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