I'm addicted to bubbles...

I have come to the conclusion that I’m a fanatic about bubbles. I didn’t realize it until last night. I was looking through the “junk food” drawer hoping to find a pack of Bazooka or Dubble Bubble. I may be 53, but I still love my bubble gum. I am an expert at blowing bubbles. I have been since my younger days. Some people try to blow bubbles and simply push the gum out of their mouth and into the floor. Some would prefer chewing gum so they can make it snap and pop. But I love my bubbles. I like to blow them big enough to point to and grunt so others can see how big they are, but small enough that they don’t pop all over my face. I have become an expert at it over the years. My love of bubbles doesn’t stop there. Every time we plan a summer cook out, I buy jars of bubbles for the kids to have. I usually get a bottle for myself, too. I know I won’t be able to resist the urge and I don’t want to take any away from the kids. I like to blow the really big bubbles and try to catch them with the wand after you release them. But I also like to blow a ton of them at once and let the kids chase them. Every evening, I like to take a nice hot soak in a tub of, you guessed it, bubbles. Suave Body Wash in Wild Cherry Blossom. I love the floral smell and the feel of sinking deep into the glistening bubbles. And what person, child or adult, does not love bubble wrap. It is one of those things that’s automatic. You open a box. There’s the bubble wrap and you cannot resist but to pop a few. I love my Pepsi and even though I stick to caffeine free when I can, I still have to have it while it is fresh and bubbly. The carbonation is what makes it work. Otherwise, it’s just flat brown water in a can. So there you have it. I’m addicted to bubbles.



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