The mothering instinct....

Why do little girls love their baby dolls? I think the mothering instinct kicks in very early in life.
We have that inborn gene that causes us to be nurturers. A honing instinct that allows us to mother the people we have in our lives.
And it is not just our children or grandchildren that turns this gene on. It is a deep abiding love for people. It is a caring and giving attitude. When we see someone who is hurting, we feel the urge to wrap our arms around them and hold them tight. To provide words of comfort; to ease their pain.
We cannot save the world and we cannot change the situations others are in. But we can provide a shoulder to lean on, a helping hand, kind words of support and sometimes something as simple as a smile.
How many times in your life have you felt down and couldn't seem to "shake it off" but a kind word or smile of hello from a friend or stranger has lifted you up a little?
Don't stifle your natural instincts. Smile at the lady you pass on the street who looks sad or lonely. Hold the door open for a frazzled mother trying to get her kids and shopping out of a store. Let that car over that is stuck in traffic and apparently in the wrong lane.
Let your natural mothering instincts shine through and use today to bring comfort to just one weary soul. You will be so glad you did.

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