Spring forward

Now that we are on the "new" time, does your body adjust as easy as you would like it to. I took a nap yesterday afternoon, supposedly to catch up on the hour of sleep I lost. Then I fell asleep on the couch after I came home from church, because I still felt drained. I got up my normal time yesterday and today. Between the nap and the early night on the couch, I got almost 3 hours extra sleep, but yet I still feel like I'm "missing" an hour somewhere. My daily routine is not changed because of the new time. I still work the same amount of hours and I still have the same work to do. But you wake up on the Monday after time change with a feeling of lagging behind. You feel lethargic and bland. You hate this new time and will fuss about it for awhile. It will take your system time to adjust and you will feel like you are playing catch up all year. But come fall, when you fall back and get to gain that hour you lost, you will still feel like something is out of kilter. I never understood any of it when I was younger and I don't understand it now.

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