Stand Still

In Sunday School class this morning, we were studying the crossing of the Red Sea. When we read the verse, "Stand still and see the Salvation of the Lord" I thought of a song I used to sing in church when my kids were little. It has an important message and I would like to share it today.

My God Delivers Again Standing there at the Red Sea God's people began to complain, that Pharoah and his mighty army would take them in bondage again." "Stand still and see the Salvation of the Lord!", Moses cried. Then, God parted the waters and they crossed to the other side. Chorus:

God delivers again! Yes, God delivers again! When it seems that all is lost, He reaches out His hand. Then all the forces of evil have to flee at God's command. And just when things look hopeless, God delivers again.

How many times in our lives has God "parted" our Red Sea and let us cross over to something better. How many times has he fought our battles and filled our needs. Those precious words "Stand still and see the salvation" should be constant reminders to us that we need to put our trust and faith in Him and let Him part the waters that keep us from living the fulfilled life He has planned for each of us.

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