The Yarn Junkie

I am addicted to yarn. I love the bright, bold colors, the soft pastels. I can spend hours and hours in yarn departments at AC Moore, Walmart and JoAnne's. When we went to Myrtle Beach last year, I found a yarn store that carried specialized yarns I had never seen before. It was awesome. I ended up going back again before our vacation was over. This is just a sample basket of my yarns. I have a 3 drawer chest that is full of yarn and a huge tote back that has yarn in it. I love my yarn. One might ask, So? Lot's of people like yarn. Here is the problem. I do not crochet (other than a chain stitch. Never could figure out how to turn around and go back for the next row). I do like to knit, but I find that it gets boring and tedious after awhile so a small child's scarf can end up taking me three years to complete. So I started looking for crafts where I could use yarn without knitting or crocheting. I discovered plastic canvas. Over the years, I've made many boxes, baskets and goodies from plastic canvas. Working the needle in and out much as you would cross stitch, it allows me to work with many different yarns. Once you establish a pattern, you can stitch to your hearts content. I find it so relaxing and it allows you chances to be creative. I seldom make my projects from patterns or I'll find something I like and modify it to fit my needs. I love it. Here are a few of the items I've kept, most of them were given away.



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