I'm not right in the head....

As we go through life, we all do things that make others look at us with that "ARE YOU CRAZY?" look. Sometimes we do things that are challenging to us. Sometimes we handle things like they are no big deal, when someone else would freak out if they had to do what we do.
Other times, we do things that make us wonder "Am I insane?"
Well, dear friends, I'm going to do something tomorrow that will probably cause many people, myself included, to think "ARE YOU CRAZY?".
I am going to spend the day with all FOUR of my grandchildren. That's right FOUR. The ages are 11, 7, 5, and 21 months. They are wonderful children and I have a blast being with them. Spending time with all four of them is never a problem. But this time, I spending time with them by myself. No Papaw, no parents, no aunts and no uncles. No help....at all.
Still, you may think, big deal, who couldn't handle four kids at once. Here comes the "am I crazy" part. I am taking them all shopping with me. Not just a quick run to the store, but my entire normal shopping Saturday. I want to go to Joanne's Fabric, Etc. to pick up some quilted material for tote bags. I want to go to Target to get a 12 x 12 Shadow Box frame for a scrapbook project. I want to go to Sears to look at braided rugs. I want to go to Staples to get a file organizer for my office. I want to go to Walmart to get.....well, it's Walmart, it's hard to tell what all I will end up with.
Then to make it even crazier, I want to do all these things at Turkey Creek in Knoxville. I want to take them all four to Steak & Shake for lunch. I want to spend the day just having an absolute blast and proving to myself, that even though I'm 53. I'm still cool. I'm still energetic and I can still handle four kids at one time AND I can take them all to the toy department and survive. Of course, the only thing I'm probably going to prove is that yes, I AM crazy.
Is it okay to ask that you pray for me tomorrow? I'm sure I'll need all the help I can get.


Deb said...
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MissyMcM said...

Yep, you are crazy...but a good Mamaw! Have fun!