Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day is a loving time to honor those who have passed on before. Living so far from my birthplace, I do not have the luxury of visiting Daddy's grave on Decoration Day. I want to dedicate my blog today to my loving Daddy who I miss dearly. Daddy was not big on flowers. We had some flowers that grew on the hill behind the well house and every spring, as soon as they arrived, Daddy would mow them down so they wouldn't take over the hill. Every year when I think about decorating at the cemetery and feel low because I cannot go, I start thinking about how Daddy wouldn't even care if there were flowers on his grave or not. However, he was a skilled craftsman and loved to piddle in his workshop, making various wooden home decorations for mom. Cardinals, signs, furniture, tulips. So instead of offering flowers in Daddy's memory today, I found a pot of wooden decorations. Had Daddy seen this, he definitely would have made some like them. My posting of the Memorial Day "Flower" Pot is my way of honoring my Daddy on Decoration Day.
In loving memory of Luther Harden Garretson 1923-1999 from Brenda, Rachel, Mom, Andy and Jack.
This is the cemetery where Daddy is laid to rest in the Veterans section.
Though he is gone, he is not forgotten.
Though he has passed, his love still remains.
Our memories keep us from now ever after.
Until one sweet day, we'll see you again.
I love you, Daddy.

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