The mother of the groom....

A wedding is a happy time. A blessing of the union of two hearts joined together. Many hours are poured into the big event. Arrangements are made, flowers are chosen, gowns are fitted. The beaming bride-to-be has spent months preparing for this day. The mother-of-the-bride glows as she sees her little girl walk down the aisle on her daddy's arm. It is a glorious, beautiful, momentous occasion. But my heart goes out to the mother-of-groom. I have been there. I watched that little baby boy I raised for so many years as he stood glowing, waiting for his bride to arrive to stand by his side. I remembered all the tears I shed as he grew up, all the joy he brought to my life. I was now handing him over to another woman who would love him as much as I do and would share an important part of his life. I would no longer be the one he runs to first with good news. I would no longer be the one he turned to for support or comfort in trying times. My little boy was now shouldering his own responsibilities. He was taking on a helpmate for his future. She will be the #1 most important person in his world. And that it is how it should be. But in the joy of the moment, I still felt the pain of letting go. He was my baby and I wasn't so sure I was ready to share him. But as I watched them exchange vows and saw the love they shared, I realized that I didn't have to let go. I wasn't losing a son, but gaining a wonderful daughter-in-law who would love him and care for him. So for the mother-of-the-groom on this beautiful wedding day, enjoy these moments. Treasure them and keep them in your heart. For he will always be your baby boy.

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~ Maria ~ said...

Oh Bee, this post was just beautiful!

I am a mother of two boys. Right now they are in their teen years. But I know that my time will come when I would have to relinquish them to woman that Our Lord has chosen for them.

Yes, it is hard, I am sure. But just knowing that Our Lord is completely involved in their lives is comfort in itself!