Summertime Favorites
Beach Vacation
Warm Sand
Cool Ocean Waves
Homemade Ice Cream
Cook Outs
Hamburgers, Hotdogs, Potato Salad
Fresh Flowers
Lightning Bugs
Garden Vegetables
Fresh Peaches
Summer Storms


Donna said...

Cute Bee! My favorite thing is swimming, vacations, and easier home school schedules...more time to sew!

~ Maria ~ said...

I so enjoy this season! Summer is when we are able to just relax without school :)


Mary said...

That glorious beach picture sang to my heart! Thanks for sharing.

As I can see from your most recent posts, you survived the day with all 4 grandkids. What a sense of accomplishment you must feel. Although, I gather that these are well loved, nourished children and that being the case, are taught to be respectful of their elders and loved ones.

Mary said...

Fairly easy foods to fix.
Preheat oven to 350.
You will need a cookie sheet pan, a large zip-lock baggy, a couple medium size potatoes, some fresh rosemary, a little salt (I use sea salt), a small clove of garlic, a couple teaspoons of olive oil.
Cut the potatoes into small chunks then add all the ingredients to the baggy. Shake to mix and coat the potatoes, then spread them out on the cookie sheet and bake til fork tender (about 15 or so, minutes). If you have other herbs you like, try them instead of or with the rosemary. Dill adds a subtle under taste with the rosemary.

Of course, my all time favorite is to take sweet potatoes or yams, rub them with butter or olive oil and bake them whole with the skins on until fork tender. They are good hot or cold and are the perfect snack as you just peel the skin off like a banana and go about your business.