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As you all know, I am a list fanatic. I was working on my To Do List this morning and something occurred to me. I started wondering what would happen if I did not keep a list of things to do. The thought of it is mind boggling. I did not realize how busy my life can get at times. I currently have several lists going for work and for my personal life. My work list has a to do section, a return calls section, a contact for payment section and a promote services section. My home list is not much better. I have a list for my Pampered Chef party. It is broken down into three categories. One was the invitation list, one was the food/party supplies list to pick up at the store, and one is my wish list for what I hope to earn for having the party. Then I have a list I'm helping Diana with for Caleb's birthday party. This one consists of food and supplies and ideas for his gift from Mamaw & Papaw. Of course, Caleb has been a great help with that list since he has me take pictures with my cell phone when he sees something he likes (which is just about everything he sees). Then there is my vacation list. That is the one where I have my notes for all the places I want to visit and places I want to eat when me and Sherrie go to WV to bring my mom and sister down to my house for a week. Which of course generated the itinerary list for things me and mom and Rachel want to do while they are here. Which of course meant I had to do a shopping list for things I'm looking for while we shop that week. And all of these lists are just for things for the next 30 days. Where would I be without my lists? I think if I didn't keep my lists, I might actually have time to DO what is on my lists. But the older I get, the harder it is to remember things so I guess I'd better keep on with the lists. Well, I'd better mark "Write daily blog" off my list for today and get started on another list.


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