Do you ever have one of those days that is just full. Full of blessings, full of fun, full of life? I'm recuperating from one this morning. The day started off with a quick trip to the grocery store for the pop for Caleb's party. Then Shelby and I went to Sunday School and church. I got to help out in Shelby's Sunday School class. Our church service was awesome. The choir sung one of my favorite songs and the sermon was fantastic. Then back to Diana's to change for the birthday party and head over to the park. It was a beautiful day and the weather was so nice. We got everything set up and about time to eat, the rains hit. It was a downpour and it was coming in sideways. The wind was blowing and it turned really cold. But we were under the picnic shelter so we survived, a little damp and a little wind blown, but not to bad. The kids had a great time. Garret was cold for awhile in his sleeveless shirt, but once the rain quit and they hit the playground, they soon warmed up. Alexis must have dried off every slide there. Her shorts were soaked from going down them all, but she didn't care at all. They had a blast. Michael took his motorcycle over for the party, since it was a motorcycle theme. I took this picture of Shelby and Caleb on it. If you look closely at her face, you can hear her thinking "Come on Caleb, just one ride. Daddy will never know." The party ended at 4:00 and I rushed home for a quick clean up and headed back to church for choir practice at 5:00. And I mean quick. I got home at 4:15 and was ready to leave again by 4:40. But I made it back on time. We had a real good practice and are learning several new songs. The service was awesome again tonight. For those of you who also follow Debbie's blog http://www.jeremiah-2911.com/ , you will remember when she hit her 100th follower she had a giveaway. Lucky #8 was the winner...and it was me! I got my gift package last night and it was fantastic. As you all know, I am really big on FAITH. It's what keeps me going day to day. Debbie really knows me 'cause look what I won. Plus they were perfect for my new room.
She also knows how much I love the beach and that I incorporated my beach stuff into my new room. Check out the seashell dish. That was part of my prize. I love it. The gifts were absolutely perfect for me. Thank you Debbie from the bottom of my heart.
So all in all, yesterday was a wonderful day and I need a day off to rest up from all the excitement!


Deb said...
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Bee's Place said...

Thanks, Deb. I love the way the new "stuff" looks. I'm going to get some more faith things and make that my "faith wall".