The Basket

I am a basket-aholic. I love my baskets. Whenever I go to Walmart or Dollar Tree, I gravitate to the baskets. Not because I need one or am looking for anything particular, I just love baskets. When I go to yard sales, I immediately scour the goods to see if there are any baskets. When I first started collecting baskets, I would look at one and say "I like that basket, but what in the world would I ever do with it." Well, I soon discovered that every basket has its uses....and not always for decor purposes only. I started seeing in magazines where they would even sit baskets on the floor for decoration. So I started finding reasons for my baskets. Here are just a few I'd like to share with you in case you have a wonderful basket sitting around that you would like to make useful.
This first one is just for looks. My kitchen is done in French Country theme so I had to have a basket with french bread and grapes.

I love snuggling under fleece blankets and so do the grandbabies when we watch TV so I have a basket of "blankies" that sit at the end of the couch in the floor.

Allen's Cookbooks and my Dessert Recipe books.

My magazine basket. This slides in the center section of the coffee table to keep my magazines handy but not piled on the table.

This is my wash cloth basket in the guest bathroom.
My personal care basket on one of my bathroom shelves.
One of my yarn baskets in my craft room.
I love this basket. Allen did it as my Easter basket one year. I keep a liner in it and have it under the desk for a trash basket.
I'd love to hear how you use your baskets. I'm always open to ideas.


Deb said...
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Rachel said...

You know how much I love baskets!! They are all over my house in every room. I remember the very 1st basket I ever bought. My sister-in-law had a Longenberger basket party in 1987 or 1988 and I ordered a Market Basket. That started my love for baskets and it is still going. My cat, Tigger, I had for 15 years before I had to put him to sleep always liked to curl up in my Market Basket and nap!! My Market Basket is my favorite basket. ( It was Tigger's too!) I will never part with my Longenberger Baskets!!

Bee's Place said...

I remember Tigger and his basket.

Rachel said...
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