The call

I have to share with you a funny call I received the other day. Here are the players: Diana - my daughter Shelby - my granddaughter who will 2 years old in 13 days and is pictured above. Don't let the darling little face fool you. She can be "you know what" on wheels when she wants to be Myself - Known to most as Mamaw B and occasionally shortened to Ma B The phone rings and I answer it and the following conversation occurred: Diana - "Mom, I'm sending a 2 year old little girl to stay with you." Me - "Uh oh. What did she do?" Diana - She has smacked Caleb, pushed him and now she bit him." At this point, I hear a little girl's voice yelling in the background "I tell Ma B! I tell Ma B!" So Diana hands Shebly the phone and I hear "Ma B, Caleb (jabber, jabber, jibberish) Mommy (jabber, jabber, jibberish) Soooooo I mad Mommy." Then she hands the phone back to Mommy. How funny is that. We are not quite at 2 yet and it is going to be a LOOONNNNGGG year once those terrible 2's hit for the Princess.

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