A piece of history....

Last night I was rummaging through some family albums and keepsake boxes we inherited from Allen's Papaw Keefer. It is amazing what you can learn about ancestors by doing that. For example, I found that Papaw Keefer was called to military duty in 1944 and was denied acceptance as being physically unfit. I would love to learn more as to why because the man was the picture of health and lived to be 89 years old. He was never sick a day in his life until the last 3 days. I found copies of sugar rations from the depression; copies of his first paycheck from a furniture store. I found his dry goods statement from the general store. Granny had purchased a bolt of dress material for $3.00 FOR THE WHOLE BOLT. Papaw had purchased new shoes for 25 cents. I found a list someone had written on first grade style paper. I'm guessing it was granny as it was in her album. She had written that she had $3.60 and if mom gave her $1.40 she would have $5.00. Then she listed family members and how much she would spend on them. I had to laugh. Everybody was around 80 cents or 90 cents each. But, dear old Mom, who she was going to hit up for $1.40 was listed at 25 cents for her gift. Does that crack you up or what?

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