I have had this flower pot for years. I had it in my office on my old job and moved it home with me when I started my own business. However, my plant recently died and I am just not in the mood to get another plant. I was cleaning it up, washing it and thinking I guess I'll put it in the yard sale pile. But I really like it so I don't really want to get rid of it. My hallway bathroom is done in these colors with birdhouses as my theme. I looked at the pot and thought, how could I recycle this into the bathroom without putting another plant in it. I walked into the bathroom, looked around the limited counter space and had a great idea. The result isn't anything brilliant or anything that will cause oos and aahs of delight, but it now serves a new purpose and I can continue to enjoy it.
If you have recycled any of your home decor and found a new use for it, send me a photo and I'll create a new page on my post to showcase recycled home decor projects.


Rachel said...

Great idea!! I love that. Can't wait until Fri. for basket photos.

Deb said...
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