Where do the years go....

I was looking at some photos this morning and found this one of my nephew Jacob Tyler Garretson. I remember it like it was yesterday that we found out Angie was expecting. I remember them talking about naming him Jacob Tyler and he was going to be called J.T. Once he arrived, he looked more like a Jacob so we alternated between the two. I remember when he was about 2 or 3 and had started talking pretty good, they started calling him J.T. because they thought that would be cute when he started in sports. Shortly after that somebody asked him what his name was and he smilingly said "Goatee." From that day forward he has been Jake or Jacob. No more J.T. Eighteen years later, that little tyke has grown into a tall handsome young man. When I see him or look at his pictures, it seems like yesterday that he was our little "Goatee". I have to wonder where the years have gone.

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