In 1963, Summer Magic hit the theaters. Mom took us to the Keith Albee to see it. I fell in love. I wanted to be like Nancy Carey (Hayley Mills). She became my idol. She could work in the house cleaning and repairing. She could put on an old pair of pants and work shirt and work up a sweat with the rest of them.

Or she could curl her hair and put on a lacy, frilly dress and be a feminine young lady. This picture and video are my favorites scenes from the movie. I often think she was my role model.

I am a contrast of different women. I can be the professional woman who handles business and designs new marketing campaigns to increase business. I can be the partner in helping my husband lay brick when we built our fireplace or the carpenter who helped build the deck on the back of the our first house. I can be the gardener who helped plant the potatoes and hoe the corn.

But when all is said and done, I can be the feminine woman who soaks in a bubble bath, lathers up with lotion and does her own manicures. I can be the woman who wears the silky "unmentionables" and the baby doll tops. I love my frilly night gowns right along with my flannel pants and t-shirts. I love my high heels and can't wait for winter so I can wear my Candies Hiking Boots. I can be the strength and the shoulder to lean on for my kids or I can be the the one who needs comforted by my hubby.

I can catch a 20" catfish, but I can't bait a hook or touch the fish when I reel it in. (eeeewww) I can buy auto parts or I can buy purses.

I am a contrast of personalities. But when the day is done, I'm still a girl and I still like my girlie things. I think Nancy Carey (Hayley Mills) inspired me more than I realized. I saw that movie when I was about 7 or 8. I own a copy of it and here I am 47 years later and I'm STILL watching it.  

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