I've been at it again.....

I just couldn't help myself. I was at Sherrie's yesterday and she mentioned a lady was having a yard sale today. Last time I went to her sale, I found some good bargains. So I told Sherrie to count me in and off we went.

I had walked around and looked at some things and next thing I know we are discussing...you guessed it, BASKETS.

I don't know why I have such a weakness for them. But I do. So I ventured to the back of her garage where she had some small baskets. And $2.75 later I was walking out with these....

They are all small baskets and I have no idea what I will do with them, but I'm sure I'll think of something. The white one is going to get spray painted for sure, but I don't know what color yet. I'll keep you posted on what happens with them.

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