Things I'll never understand......

There are things I see or overhear when I'm out and about that I will never understand. Here are just a few that make me scratch my head and go "huh?"(some I'm even guilty of myself). .... Why do people stand in line at fast food places and ponder the menu the entire time they are in line only to get up to the counter and say "Hmm, let me see, uh... I think....I want....uh, no, give me a cheeseburger, fries and a medium Coke. Oh and I want the cheeseburger with no catsup and oh, can you make it a large fries? No, no, I'll just take a medium." After finally deciding what they want, they are told their total. THEN and only then, do they open their purse and start rummaging for their cash or debit card. .... Why do people order the greasiest, fattest, high calorie foods on the menu and then ask for a Diet Coke. I don't think a diet drink will make much of a difference. .... Why do men pay for every single small purchase with a $20 bill, even if they have a ton of ones. Do they like the nice plump look on their wallet if they keep it full of the ones? .... Why do women pay for everything with the exact change? Counting out 86 individual cents just to avoid breaking another dollar bill? .... Also, why, when women get change back, do they drop it in their purse and not in their billfold. Then when they make their next purchase, they dig around in the bottom of their purse for 5 minutes, because they "know they have a nickle in here somewhere." .... Why do old men walk around with their hands in their pockets jingling their lose change and car keys. .... And the one that drives me the craziest is when a cashiers casually says "Hello, how are you today." They don't REALLY want to know. I was in line behind a lady who was asked that question and her response was that she had seen better days and proceeded to tie up the line by telling the cashier her whole woe is me tale about her miserable job, her worthless family and her low life ex who hasn't paid her in months. And the worse part is she could not multi task, each time she said something new, she stopped from putting her items on the counter so she could talk. Arrgghh. I was so ready to get out of there.

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