When God Smiles.....

As a parent and grandparent, we love to watch the antics of our children and grandchildren. We love the silly things they do. They will run around in circles, dancing and prancing, until they fall down in a giggling heap on the floor. Then they get up and do it again. They play for hours with their favorite toys with such vivid imaginations that we can see they are truly young geniuses at work. I could sit for hours just watching them and quietly smiling at their antics. In the Bible, we are shown views of God. God the loving God, God the wrathful God, God the Creator. But don't you imagine, that as He sits on his throne, He sometimes watches us and the things we do bring a smile to His face. The simple acts of kindness that are instilled in our nature. The courtesy of holding a door open for someone else. Letting a car ahead of us in heavy traffic. Seeing someone searching frantically for an extra quarter and you handing one over to help them out. Picking up the tab at lunch when you are dining with someone you know has to watch their pennies even closer than you do. Does He look down when we are playing with our babies and does He smile that gentle smile that all parents have? We are His children and He is our Father. I'm sure as His child, we drive Him crazy at times. I'm sure He spends many a days shaking His head and saying "What were they thinking?" when we do something stupid. But I'm just as sure that He has many times that He watches our joy and our laughter and simply smiles and says "That's MY child."

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