A great message....

Our pastor preached a wonderful message last nigh from I Corinthians. I wanted to share something with you from his message.  He was talking about Faith - Hope - Love. He simplified these three very important topics by saying this:

Faith is believing.
Hope is anticipating.
Love is accepting.

I have a very analytical mathematical mind that is always looking at things from every angle to see if any patterns emerge. Now, to some what I'm about to say may sound a little strange but bear with me.

As we look at these three words that are the basics for all Christians, look closely at what the preacher described them as:


When I saw this, my first thought was "Oh, it's an acrostic for the word Baa." Then my next thought, was "Like a sheep." Which led me to think about Jesus is our shepherd and we are his sheep...obedient and following wherever he leads us.

Isn't it amazing that EVERYTHING God does or shows us has an underlying meaning that just re-enforces His word?

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