A great new find that excites me

It doesn't take much to please me or make me happy. Every once in awhile, I'll find that particular item that just tickles my fancy and I get so excited about the product that I just have to share. I'm hosting my first 31 Party Saturday and I've been going through their book making my wish list. Then I saw it. That one item that called my name. It is a large 12 x 9 zipper pouch that can be used for many things. I fell in love with it. I can see many uses for it, but I wanted it because it will hold standard letter size paper and folders. This will be perfect for those Sunday's I have Children's Church and can tote my papers and handouts for the kids. I have to decide on what pattern and what I want to have it monogrammed with . But I am so excited about this bag.

It comes in a smaller 7 x 6 size as well, which I like, too. I'm just going back and forth between these two patterns as to which design to go with on the bigger pouch. I'd welcome your opinions. I love the vidid colors in the brown one, but the practicality of black and white draws my eye as well. Help!!


Deb said...
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Deb said...
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Bee's Place said...

LOL. I noticed that. How funny.

Rachel said...

I love the brown one. Does it have a strap or handle?


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