The Guiding Light

My sweet sister-in-law, Rob's widow, has recently taken a trip to Florida to visit the beach. I know this is a hard journey for her and her daughter to take. Rob loved the beach and their last vacation together was to the beach. She was taking some photos of  the sun setting over the Gulf. I fell in love with this picture. It's like a shaft of light guiding you to the other side.

I can't help but wonder, if this mere photo from a digital camera is this awe-inspiring, what must heaven look like? When our time comes and the gates of heaven open, what opulent beauty will we behold? I never see a sunrise or a sunset that I don't envision what heaven must be like. I don't think our human minds can ever begin to imagine what beauty awaits on the other side.

I have always loved that song "How Beautiful Heaven Must Be." I believe that the word beautiful will pale in comparison to the magnificence and opulence of that Holy City.

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