I love a bargain...

I wanted to get me a new day planner. Between family, church and my job, I'm staying really busy. And with the holiday season just a couple of month away, it's gonna get worse.

So I made a run to Staples this morning since I knew they have a wide variety of what I wanted. I looked them over and finally settled on a red one like one I had years ago. I wasn't thrilled with my choice, but it was the only one I semi-liked. But it was $29.00 and I just couldn't see paying that so after debating with myself, I laid it back down and went to look at regular calendars (even though that is NOT what I wanted). There laying forlornly among the calendars was a day planner/organizer that I fell in love with it. It was marked down to $11.99 on clearance, which was more like it. I picked it up and took it up front, so pleased with my bargain.

She rang it up and said "That price can't be right." I thought, well great. The manager came up and checked and said that it did ring up correctly. She then told me it was discounted to $5.99. WOW.

I am so excited. I've got to add all my lists and things to do on the calendar now and I'll be good to go.

Call me crazy, but I know God has His hands in everything. This is just one of those daily blessings that most people take for granted. I know it is one of those moments my friend Debbie refers to as "it's not odd; it's God".


Donna said...

I love dayplanners too Bee! I'm so happy for you! What a great find!

Donna @ Comin' Home

Deb said...
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