Many hearts and minds will remember the importance of 9-11. We all know where we were and remember the devastation. The families that lost their loved ones, those who went to work not knowing they would never go home again.

But I know a man who is a survivor of the devastating attack on our country. Michael Hingson was working on the 78th floor of Tower One that day. He relives the fear and terror that they all faced. But Michael's story is a unique one. Michael has been blind since birth. His Guide Dog Roselle worked diligently to get them both from the building to safety by walking down all 78 floors in the stairwell where you could feel the heat and smell the jet fuel.

He travels the country to tell of his experience. I have had the pleasure of hearing him in person three times. He takes you through the entire process from the time the plane hit until he made it to a safety zone where he was able to breath clean air.

I cry every time Michael tells his story. He tells how they were coming down the stairs and would have to stop every so often to make way for firefighters to either go up or for them to bring someone injured down. He talks about the smoke, the water, the fumes, the terror, the fear. You can feel like you were there.

But he also talks about survival. The way everyone worked together to help each other get to safety. He talks about the trust that was among the ones trying to get out as stranger helped stranger.

I wish everybody could have a chance to hear his story. I don't think any of us can every understand what it was like to go through something like that and survive.

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