Christmas Decorations

Thankful thought of the day - Today I am thankful for Christmas decorations.

I love this time of year. There is nothing as festive as seeing lights on houses as you drive around at night. I've noticed in my town that more people are getting in the Christmas spirit earlier this year. Many already have their lights up and turned on at night. Some have been pulling their Christmas decorations out for the past few days, getting ready to decorate. I saw a fully decorated tree in one of my neighbors windows. I love Christmas decorations. I like to pick up little things to add to my decorations each year. I'm a Dollar Tree fanatic. Here are a few things I've picked up this year that I really like.

My new Christmas bells.

Each year the kitchen has a "theme". It has been blue & white with snowmen. It has been poinsettias. It has been gingerbread men. This year, I'm going with Santa. Here's my new spoon rest that inspired this years kitchen decor. I'll incorporate some of my "leftover" red and green in there as well. I just need to find a new tablecloth.

I love little pillboxes. I thought these were adorable. It isn't Christmas unless I have some nativity sets setting around. I'll put the child nativity one in the spare room where the kids hang out. We always decorate in there and let them put up a 4' tree.

With my love for sweets, I couldn't pass up this candy dish.

Those were all from the Dollar Tree. I want to decorate my guest bath, but it is done in pastels with birdhouse so I've not decorated it much before. Well, I found this towel and guest towel set at Kmart and it inspired me to do blue and snowmen in there. The blue is the exact shade of some of my other items in that bathroom. I'm going to look for a plain white lace shower curtain for the holiday.

And my last item didn't come from either of those places. It was a gift from my mother. It it exquisite. There is such fine detail and it has a shimmering shine of the finest glitter all over it. It has a switch on the bottom and lights up. The lights change color and it's gorgeous. My husband worked for a candle shop for years and made candles that looked like this. Mom knew it would be very special to me and I love it. It's going on my desk in my home office since I spend most of my day there.

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