Thankful thought of the day....Today I am thankful for energy.

Excited....Thursday was a day of great excitement and anticipation. I patiently waited for my family to come for dinner. We had a wonderful visit and I got to spend great time with them all.

Elated....I was thrilled when the nieces arrived and we planned our shopping expedition for Friday. It was so good to have them down and to get to do things with them.

Energetic.... I sat up Thursday night with the girls until 12:30. Then I watched Friends reruns in bed until around 1:30. I went to sleep and got back up at 3:45 with great anticipation for Black Friday. I was filled with an energy and excitement to "let the bargain hunting begin."

Exhausted.... Shopped Friday from 4:30 AM until 6:00 PM. Got up today at 6:15 and was out the door by 8:30. Shopped until around 3:00 today. Got home, soaked my bones, napped in the tub, ate a little supper. I am worn out. It's off to the couch to doze until bedtime.

Hope everybody has had a great weekend and will end it by attending church tomorrow. Have a great Saturday night.

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Rachel said...

You did shop till you dropped. Hope you got some good buys. Did you get what you wanted? The girls had such a good time. Now you are going to have them every year on Black Friday. But, at least you have a year to rest and prepare. LOL!!