Happy birthday

Thankful thought of the day - Today I'm thankful for my daughter-in-law. Happy birthday, Jamie.

In 1998, my son said "I do" and made us the proud in-laws of one of the most special women I know. She has been such a blessing to the family over the years. She has a quiet strength that is always there when you need a shoulder to lean on or an ear to vent to. She & Chris have blessed us with three beautiful grandchildren. She is a wonderful wife, mother and friend. And one of her most important traits is that she is able to put up with me. She always makes me feel like a special grandmother and never makes me feel like the dreaded "mother-in-law". Yet, she feels secure enough in our love for her to cut up with us and tolerate our warped sense of humor. She lets me "borrow" my grandchildren whenever I want.

Jamie, today we celebrate not only your birthday but the fact that our family has been honored to have you in it. Have a very Happy Birthday!

Chris and Jamie Boyle

Christian Garret (11)
Alexis Caroline (6)
Colby James (7 weeks tomorrow)

Vacation time

The things a mother does. They are holding baby animals. I think they are either kangaroos or wallabies.

Mother & Daughter

A family portrait - can't wait to get one this year with the newest addition - Colby James


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