Happy Birthday to my precious twins


I dedicate my blog today to my wonderful, precious twins. The love I have for them cannot even begin to be described by words. I look back over the past 33 years and marvel that God trusted these beautiful children to me. I cherish every moment with them. I think of all the stages they have went through......

The midnight feedings
The 2 AM feedings
The 4 AM feedings
The 6 AM feedings....When they were born they ate every two hours.

The sweet baby smiles
The tiny fingers holding onto mine
The terrible two's (which weren't so terrible after all)
The giggles and laughter and the private conversations between brother and sister
Hearing them calling each other Bubby and Sissy, which was later shortened to Bub and Sis and they still call each other that to this day.

Barbies and baby dolls
Matchbox cars and WWF Wrestlers
Doll houses and Castle Greyskull (I remember when Skeletor and HeMan would borrow Barbie's red Ferrari and go for a spin around the house)

School dances and sleepovers
First dates and first cars
Bringing that special someone home to meet the parents.

Wedding bells and happily ever after
That first phone call from each of them to let me know a little baby is on the way
Watching them become parents and seeing their eyes light up with pride over their children.
Hearing those same words coming from their lips that I used to utter, "Because I said so." or "NOW"

My hope and prayer is that I have set a good example on parenting and I hope they enjoy the experiences with their children as much as I enjoyed my experiences with them.

Here's wishing a great day to the two best kids any mother could have. I love you both.

Happy birthday, Chris and Diana (Bub and Sis)

(and now)

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