A two year old mind

We all know that kids can be funny. They are amusing little creatures. Yesterday, I was driving to church and two of the grandchildren were in the car with me. We passed a field and there were three deer playing. They were jumping and bouncing around and they were getting awful close to the road. I slowed down the car so the kids could get a better look and made the remark that I was afraid to drive by them because they might dart in front of my car.

My 7 year old grandson asked me what would happen if I honked at them. He thought that perhaps it would startle them enough that they would run back across the field or cross the road so we could move safely pass. I thought "What the heck?" so I tooted the horn. They completely stopped what they were do and all three turned to stare at me. I could see it on their faces, it was as if they were saying "What????" It was cute. They were still; so we drove on. About 5 minutes later, we pass a cow pasture and in an excited voice, my 2 year old granddaughter says: "Mamaw B, there's cows. Honk at them!"  Guess she didn't quite understand the horn concept with the deer.

I tooted the horn and continued down the road. Did the cows even notice? Not so much. But as we were passing them, the little 2 year old says "Why don't I see a pink cow?" Oh, the mind of a two year old.


Sunday Sanity....

In today's world, life has many ups and downs. We function at a very fast pace. Some days just seem so crazy. We flitter and flutter from one thing to the next. We are always in a hurry and we don't often take the time during the week to stop and rejoice in the life we've been given.

That is why God gave us Sunday. It is a day to rest and recoup from our crazy life.It is a day to restore peace and tranquility to our soul. Some weeks, Sunday is the only thing that keeps me sane. He allows me to drink from that cool, crystal water and to know that in all the craziness of the world, there is One who loves us; One who cares.

Psalm 46:10 tells us to "Be still and know that I am God." That is why we have Sunday. We need to just step back; chill out and praise Him for bringing us through another week and ask for His guiding hand to lead us through the one coming up.

My prayer for each of you is that you take the time in your busy life to sit quietly and reflect on the wonders that he brings to your world every day.


Give God the Glory for the Little Things...

My all-in-one printer has lost its fax capabilities. I was making a run to Staples for a cartridge for my Laser Printer. While I was there, I decided to price all-in-ones so I could get an idea of what it was going to take to get a new one. I love HP and decided to look at those. Lo and behold, they had exactly what I wanted on sale for $59.98 (original price $99.98). I was thrilled but the sale ends today. There was the dilemma.

I am very strict on my "shopping money". I usually set aside a certain limit and try to stick to it based on what my sales were for the week. I had put back about $65 to spend on my shopping expedition today because there are a few things I need.

I need to get some new tennis shoes and normally just pick up some cheapies at Walmart. But Goodies has a pair of tennis shoes exactly like I've been wanting and they are on a sale .....  that ends today! New shoes that are WANTED and are at a really good deal (Reg. $58 on sales for $38.86 and I have a coupon for 25% extra) or a new printer/fax that is NEEDED. What to do, what to do?

Then I remembered I had a friend who was looking for a printer. She HATES office supply stores and has been procrastinating since summer. We discuss all the time how she needs to get a new printer and she only wants to spend about $50.00. She wanted a printer/copier/scanner, but had no need whatsoever for a fax. Since my other machine was in perfect condition except for the short in the fax portal, I called her. She was THRILLED. So I sold her my printer and got me a new one for only $9.98.

Now, I still have enough of my allowance left to get my shoes for $29.00! And I'll have shopping money left over for a new lamp for my office. Woo Hoo and Woo Hoo. I love it when a plan comes together.

Isn't funny how the little things that thrill us so are still gifts from God. I was so excited about shopping today, but yet felt a little guilty since I needed a print. We should always give the Lord thanks for every little thing in our lives. He is always in control. One of the most beloved bible verses is Romans 8:28 "...all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose."


Fun at work Friday

There is a website Brownie Locks that lists holidays for every day, week and month. Today they have listed as Have Fun at Work day.

So I started thinking of some things I could do to have fun at work and here is my list.......

1. ??????????

Well, so much for that idea. Nothing fun came to mind. I guess that's why they call it work!

Hope you FUN today in whatever you are doing!


Living on the streets of Heaven...

Do you ever stop and really think about what it is going to be like when you get to heaven? Do you imagine the streets of gold? Just close your eyes and imagine what your days will be like when you get to heaven.....

The gates will swing open, not with a grinding slow motion, but in a grand gesture of welcome. The Father and Son will be waiting there with arms wide open, huge smiles on their face and those wonderful words "My child, welcome home". They will embrace you and there will be laughter and hugs and the sweetest joy ever known.

Once you have spent time in their embrace, one of the angels will show you around your new home. Your eyes will take in so much beauty that it will be unbelievable. Once you get adjusted to your new home, you will be able to visit. I can imagine walking the streets of Heaven, visiting with loved ones. You'll be walking along one day with those who have gone on before and someone will say "That's where Moses lives." Or "Look, there goes Abraham, Isaac and Jacob." You'll want to set down and talk with those saints of old.

Then you'll meet up with the angels and sing songs of such grandeur and beauty that it would take your breath away. I can imagine love, laughter, joy, peace, contentment. But I think most of all, no matter what you see or do in Heaven, about every 5 minutes you will be running back to Jesus just to get a quick hug or just to talk with Him. I think you will be like a little kid full of excitement.

It will be a wonderful time of rejoicing. We will never grow old; our ailments will be gone and we will spend eternity in the arms of our Saviour.


Love is in the air.....

With February just around the corner, it's time to tell the ones you love how special they are to you. It doesn't just have to be a significant other. Love abounds in February and we need to share it with the ones who mean a lot too us. Here are some Valentine ideas for the special people in your life.

Purchase a clay flower pot and paint it white. Trim it with some ribbon. Using card stock scrapbook paper, cut hearts to make the petals of your flowers. Insert a sucker through the flowers. Fill the pot with Conversation hearts and stick the flowers in the pots.

Is there someone in your life that holds a special place. You may not be the best of friends, but they care enough about you that you want to show them you care? Scour your local Dollar Tree, Family Dollar or Dollar General. Find a small trinket in a heart shape, such as a little pill box, a pin, a coffee cup. Just something that lets them know their friendship does not go unnoticed.

Do you have someone who means the world to you that loves roses? This is a wonderful thing to do for your mother as she probably doesn't get anyone sending her roses. We all know they are costly at anytime. Buy a heart shaped tin at your local craft store. Purchase some inexpensive picks of roses. Pull the blooms off and fill the box with them. For an extra little something, purchase some rose potpourri and sprinkle it in the box before you place the flowers in it. 

If you know someone who loves whimsical gifts, a cute little bear is a perfect gift. All ages love the Teddy Bear. You can find adorable ones at craft stores and Wal-mart at very affordable prices during Valentine's season. I like to find some that look a little scraggly and in need of love and adorn it with a ribbon torn from pink or red patterned material to give it that old-timey look. This is Ted E. Bear that a friend gave me over 10 years ago when I was feeling blue. He sports a new ribbon or a sweater for every holiday.

Have a small tea party and invite a few of your closest friends. Visit second hand shops and antique stores to pick up assorted tea cups and vintage Valentines. Each guest will get to take their tea cup and their Valentine home with them to remember the special day you put together.

Make some homemade goodies. Everybody has a weakness for cookies or fudge. Buy some cute candy wrapping paper and tie the goodies up with a pretty red ribbon.

One rule of thumb when showing someone you love them on Valentine's Day is that pretty much anything goes. It is true that it is the thought that counts. It doesn't have to be elaborate or expensive. Just something that says "I care.


Thoughts of spring.....

These little guys are just so cute. They make me think that spring is just around the corner. Just looking at them makes me smile.


The Unseen Hand

The Unseen Hand. Full of grace and glory. Scarred from suffering and pain. Abounding with love and full of compassion. One hand. One God. One great love. For years, this has been one of my favorite songs. Many a Sunday at Hash Ridge or Sunrise church I would sing this song. It has such a poignant message and is truly an inspirational song. No matter what trials or tribulations may fall, the Unseen Hand is gently protecting us, prodding us, prayerfully watching over us. I am so very thankful for My God and His Unseen Hand. There are many of moments that His Unseen Hand has brought me through. We see people performing all the time that say "I dedicate this song to my mom, or to my friend, etc." But today, I dedicate this song to MY GOD!


Aprons and stuff...

I have always loved aprons. Simply by tying on an apron you can be back in the kitchen with Mom baking a batch of cookies, with Mamaw frying a skillet of chicken or with Grandma making a pound cake. My mom makes the cutest aprons. I have this shelf in the kitchen that has peg hooks so I decided I will hang my aprons on there. Mom has agreed to make me some more for my collection so I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday and here is all the material I picked out for my new aprons. My kitchen is done in French Country Decor with a lot of grapes, roosters, teapots, fruits, pretty much anything goes. So my apron taste runs along the same lines of anything goes.

Here is the first one, I just love purple and this one will go good with grapes in the kitchen.

Another thing you will find in a French Country kitchen is daisies and sunflowers. Since daisies are my favorite flower and this looked so dainty, I just had to have it.

Some of my aprons are for display but some of them are for using. This is going to be my apron for when I'm in my baking mode.

This will be one for the rare occasion when I cook or when we have company and I help out in the kitchen. My favorite color in the entire world is red. Always has been and always will be, even though I go through spells where I like other colors, I will always be partial to red. And when it is put with black, I love it. So this one just said "take me home."

Since I am currently in my whimsical mode and I have always loved Easter, this one was a no brainer. Love the little chicks. Can't wait until Easter to get to wear this one.

And of course when my granddaughters are over, they will need their own apron. Since one of their special times with Mamaw was the Disney Princesses on Ice and they are both little dainty princesses, I had to have this for their aprons.

All in all, it was a wonderful day at the material department. And the best part...it was all on sale for 30% - 40% off! Saved a little over $15.00. WOO HOO!

I picked up a couple of other cutie's I was happy with. This little basket is the exact color of my flower clock in the bathroom and some of the birdhouses in the shower curtains. I was wanting something for my cotton balls and thought this would be a good fit...especially at 99 cents. Then they rang it up and it was 50% off. So a bargain at 49 cents.

I've been looking for a necklace out of that dull copper material. But when I find one I like they are so expensive that I don't want to pay what they were asking. But yesterday, at Walmart, I found exactly what I wanted. It was on sale for $3.00. It's one of those double chain necklaces. I love it.

It was a day for bargains. I picked up a sweater I've been admiring that finally went on sale. Payless started their BOGO 1/2 off sale. They have some new adorable flip flops in so I, of course, had to have two new pairs. Again, at a savings. It was an awesome day. With all the discounts and coupons I had yesterday, I saved $54.61. A wonderful day for shopping.


It's the little things....

There are days that I wake up and just can't believe all the "little things" in my life that get me excited. I love all the small joys that add up daily to make me love my life. I am probably one of the most contented people you will ever meet. But contented is not the best word because that makes me think of something happy, yet subdued. I stay so full of joy and anticipation that I sometimes feel like I could bounce off the walls. The funny thing is that the "thrills" that keep me so joyful are so simple and so plain that most people just consider them mundane, normal things in life. I woke up at 5:00 today...on a SATURDAY! Just too excited to sleep. Why, you may wonder?

Well, it is very simple, I am going to Hobby Lobby today. The new one at Turkey Creek. Now to some you are probably thinking, big deal. But it IS a big deal. I love that place and I only go there occasionally so that it is always "special". But today, they are having some great sales and I have some items on my list that are on sale. Mom is going to make me some new aprons for my apron rack. So I'll get to pick up some material today at some great prices. I could spend days in the material department alone. But I'm also going to get some new beads for my daughter to make me a couple of necklaces. Then I need to pick up some materials for crafts I'm working on.

In the Woman's World Magazine this month, they had this two page spread of neat little decorating ideas. There are some items I need to pick up so I can implement this decor in my house. So that's on my list as well. I'll post pics of them when I'm done.

The other thing that thrills me is a book store (See Bees Book Report). My daughter wants to go to Borders while we are at Turkey Creek. That makes me happy, but I was trying to think of what book(s) I would get and couldn't think of any new ones that were out that I had been wanting. Then I was the reading the new Woman's Day magazine (yes, I love magazines) and lo and behold they had a page that had a book advertisement.

Last year I read a series by Robyn Carr that all took place in a little town called Virgin River. The people were so down to earth and everybody you met in one book kept showing up in every book so you felt like you really knew them. I was so sad to finish the last one. It felt like I was losing friends. Then here I sat, flipping through the Woman's Day and there was an add for Promise Canyon. It caught my eye and lo and behold it said "Robyn Carr continues her beloved Virgin River series." Added that baby to my shopping list.

So anyway, I'm heading into the kitchen to bake some chocolate chip cookies (just because) and then I'm coloring my hair (again, just because). I've got to call Mom for our Saturday morning chat and see how much material I need for each apron.

Then it will be TIME. Time to hit the road and head out to shop.

Then tomorrow Ms. Beth will be bringing me the new spring catalog for 31 Gifts so I can plan my party in February. I have been looking at the "sneak peaks" on line and cannot wait. They have all these neat new patterns and products and some nautical/beach themes that I cannot wait to see. They also have some new florals in pinks and some new whimsical circle/dot patterns. Again...getting a LOT of excitement over something so little.

But that's my life and I wouldn't have it any other way.


Hey bud!

Our little country road was at the outskirts of the Village of Barboursville in West Virginia. Since we didn't own a car because my parents didn't drive, it was nothing for us to walk the mile to town to do business. Whether it was going to the bank and post office or heading to the grocers or hardware store, we loved walking up town.

I remember summer Saturdays so well. Daddy loved to walk up to Brady's hardware store and I loved going with him. Brady's has everything you can imagine and more. Their old hardwood floors were stained with years of paint samples and scuff marks.

My daddy was a very well respected and well loved man in this little Village. He worked at the local C & O rail yard and did odd carpenter jobs occasionally on the side. We had been walking up Main Street for so many years that just about everybody in town knew us. They would sit on their front porches and wave and some would walk out to the sidewalk to chat awhile.

One thing that I always remember was how every car that would pass would toot their horn at Daddy. He would flash his handsome smile, raise up a hand in hello, and shout "Hey, Bud!" toward their open window.

I remember one day, when I was about 7 or 8, we had passed about 6 or 7 vehicles of guys Daddy worked with. We received the traditional "toot toot" of the horn and Daddy had responded with his normal "Hey Bud!" I remember looking up and innocently remarking "Wow Daddy, you sure know a lot of men named Bud." I remember him laughing and saying "I never could remember names so I just call everybody Bud."

To this day, I will remember his laughter and his smile. Daddy has been gone 12 years come next week. I still miss walking up town with him. When I go home to visit, as I drive to Mom's and I pull onto Main Street, I still find myself watching the street to see if I see Daddy walking up town. I get a little catch in my throat and a little tear in my eye when I remember, he's no longer here. But I know he's in a much better place and knowing Daddy, he spends his days walking the streets of heaven, tossing a wave at his neighbors and shouting out a friendly "Hey Bud!" to everyone he meets.


When God calls you, do you put Him on hold?

There is an old song that I loved that says "I was born to serve the Lord." Being saved at 16, I have always felt like that was my theme song. I try to do what is asked of me and go where He sends me. I have to admit that I don't always hear His still, quiet voice when it speaks to me. Sometimes He has to shout to get my attention, but when He does, I try to obey.

This past week, I was asked via email to do something for the Lord. When I opened my email, I read the request and immediately closed it. "Oh my!" I thought. "I can't do this!" Then I opened it up again and took another peek. I replied that I would have to think about it.

The minute I hit send, I heard that still, quiet voice say "You want me to call you to serve and when I did, you put me on HOLD?" The voice was very querulous. I'm sure He was amazed at my audacity. To place God on hold. WOW! I was immediately chastised.

So I opened the email a 3rd time and said, "Yes, I'll do it." Isaiah 6:8 says "Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying: “ Whom shall I send, And who will go for Us?” Then I said, “Here am I! Send me.”

I was truly blessed by doing what God asked of me. If we will just obey His will, He will bestow on us blessings untold.

I know one thing...the next time God calls on me, I won't be so quick to place Him on hold. I want to be an Isaiah with an "I'll do it!" attitude for God.


Love at first sight...

"Everyone says you only fall in love once, but that's not true. Every time I hear your voice I fall in love all over again." - Author Unknown

January 17, 1981. It was a cold and snowy day. She had been spending the day primping and getting ready for this date. They were introduced by a lady they worked with, but they had never met each other. She worked days in one building and he worked nights in another, so their paths had never crossed. They had spoken on the phone several times once their mutual friend told him about her.

She was very nervous. She had been divorced for 3 years and had never been on a date in all that time. She wasn't sure if she was ready for this, but he seemed so sweet and nice on the phone and she was really looking forward to it. Her best friend, Becky, was coming up to spend the night and babysit the twins.

As she is getting ready, she is getting worried. The snow started earlier in the day and was slowly accumulating. They had received about 4" and she lived up a steep hill that had not been treated. Would he come? Would he want to brave this weather for a date with somebody he has only "met" over the phone? Time would tell.

As the evening approaches, she hears a car coming up the hill. It is him. He has made it. It takes a brave soul to come out on a night like this to see someone he doesn't even really know yet.

They go out to eat and see a movie. Afterwards, they go to his apartment for snacks and he teaches her how to play backgammon, a game she has always wanted to learn. He has been the perfect gentleman all evening. Opening her doors, holding her hand, walking on the street side of the sidewalk. He has been very respectful and treated her like she was a rare and precious jewel. She wins her third game of backgammon and laughingly leans across the board to give him a quick kiss. Sparks fly and she realizes "I'm falling in love. Tonight. Right this very minute."

He takes her home and walks her to the door. He tells her what a wonderful evening he has and asked to see her again tomorrow. He is going to bring food and will cook supper for her. He kisses her good night and heads back down the hill. She walks in, closes her door and leans against it. She looks at Becky and declares. "I'm in love. I'm going to marry him." Becky laughs.

Jump ahead to Valentine's Day. They have spoken or seen each other every single day. Never letting a call end without telling each other "I love you." He asks her to be his wife. He does not want to spend another day without knowing she is his for eternity. She readily agrees and they set a day for September. But in March, he goes to Florida for a week to the Gator Nationals with his friend. He gets home at 12:30 at night at the end of the week. He knocks on her door. He couldn't help it. He missed her so much. He asks her if she can get off work Friday so they can go to Virginia and get married. He doesn't want to wait until September to make her his bride. He loves her and wants a future together beginning now. She agrees and he heads on home, leaving her to dream of the years to come and a love that will last a lifetime.

That was 30 years ago today. That is the story of how I met my husband, the love of my life. He is every breath I breathe. He is my soul mate, my heart, my life. He is my best friend, my confidante. He has been a wonderful father to my children and a loving grandfather. When I told my friend Becky that I was going to marry him, she thought I was joking. But I knew. God brought us together. This was my destiny. Thirty years have passed and we still kiss and say I love you whenever we are going to be apart, whenever we talk on the phone, and when we go to bed at night. We laugh about it because I won't even walk up to the mail box without giving him a kiss and telling him I love him. Most people don't remember the anniversary of their first date. But I do. When it was something this life changing and important, you tend to remember. So Happy 1st Date Anniversary Sweetheart! I love you!


Sunny and Mr. Wind

Sunny had been out of town, but yesterday he decided to make an appearance. Everyone was so glad to see him. People started venturing out of their homes. Snow could be seen melting off the roof tops and patios. You could feel the warmth on your face as you looked up to the sky. People went shopping. They worked in their yards. They washed the salt off their cars. It was totally an awesome day.

Just when we were feeling good about the day, guess who blew back into town?

That's right that old wind bag, Mr. Wind. Did he return as a gentle breeze softly kissing our face? Did he bring the warm air from the ocean? No he came back like a blast of cold arctic air. One whisper of air from his lips was enough to cut right through you. But we kept on enjoying our day with Sunny. We suffered through the chill Mr. Wind cast upon the day.

We have always heard the saying "Into every life a little rain must fall." We knew Little Miss Icy Rain was coming to visit tonight.

So we braved Mr. Wind to make sure we got plenty of time with Sunny. Once Little Miss Icy Rain heads this way, we know it's back to the "Woe is me" winter blues. So I hope you each enjoyed your time with Sunny and here's a little thought of spring to help you through the winter week to come.

Happy Sunday!


Craft Craze

When working on crafts or visiting craft stores, do you ever find yourself overwhelmed? Sometimes I feel like the little birdy in this picture. He looks like he is thinking "Uh oh, what do I do now?" Well, that's my sentiment exactly.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I decided I wanted to get back into my crafting. I had let it slide for almost a year and I was really missing it. I decided I wanted to do some of the primitive stitching but had gotten down low on my stock of assorted fat quarters. I made a trip to Jo-Ann's. Bought some material, some Wunder Under, needles and thread. Then I headed to Walmart and bought a sweatshirt and some bread cloth napkins. A skein of yarn caught my eye, so I added that to the cart as well.

Once I was ready to start crafting, I thought to myself "I need a couple of new coasters for the living room." I make these with plastic canvas and yarn. So I went to http://www.freepatterns.com/ and found some cute coaster patterns and decided to "whip up" a couple. In two days time, I had six new coasters. Which led me to a desire to do a box. My sister wanted one for her bedroom so I bought some more yarn in her colors. I started it last night. Here's part of the top of her box.

When I was looking for pattern ideas, I found the cutest little pattern for something simple that can be made into an ornament, refrigerator magnet, whatever. I decided to make him for a dear friend of mine. He's not complete yet, but this is a project I'm going to finish up tonight.

My major weakness in crafting is yarn. So yesterday, when I went to AC Moore to get some more plastic canvas, I just HAD to go through the yarn. I love variegated yarns and found a couple I couldn't resist.

I want to make a little basket and birdhouse for my living room. My colors are Burgundy, green and deep country blue. I was having a hard time finding a blue I liked, but I found this one at AC Moore and it is exactly the color of the blue flowers in my furniture. So I had to get that as well.

This weekend I'm going to cut out and iron on the designs for the sweatshirt and bread clothes that got me started a couple of weeks ago. I have a tendency to get side tracked when it comes to yarn. But I'll get it all completed. There is nothing to me as relaxing sitting on the couch watching TV with hubby while I craft.


A good laugh....

I see people posting funny pictures on their blogs all the time, just so we can all get a good laugh. They run the gamut from cute cartoons to strange animal behaviour. But it occurred to me last night that if you need a good laugh, drag out some old pictures of yourself.

I have been wearing my hair reasonably short for many years. Once it gets down on my neck and covers my ears, I usually get a trim. Well, I recently decided that even though I was 54, it didn't mean I couldn't let my hair grow some. So I got out the old picture box and started going through to see if there were any of my hair-do's that I liked "way back when". Let me tell you, it was a complete exercise in futility. I did not accomplish what I set out to do, but I did get some good laughs out of the process. I thought I would share some of my past hair-DON'TS with you so you could get a good laugh as well.

First, I thought I would show you a recent picture so you can see what my normal hair is like nowadays. I have excess natural curl and body so it is always easy to style no matter how I cut it. A quick shampoo, add some gel and Poof! I'm ready to roll. So here is a recent one where I actually liked how my hair looked.....

Then to amuse you, I thought I would travel back to the 8th grade in 1970. Oh My GOSH!! Can anybody say Nerd Alert!! This just cracked me up. I weighed all of 75 pounds back then and was a little bean pole. I hadn't made it to my full height at that time (which is now all of 5'0" tall) But this just cracked me up and I cannot believe I am making it available to the public!

Since I am contemplating the whole long hair thing again, I thought it would be good to go back to my 80's & 90's when I was doing the young mom long hair image. WARNING: THE PICTURES YOU ABOUT TO VIEW HAVE SOME REALLY BIG HAIR!

First off, if you going to get a good laugh at the hair then the glasses will just add to your giggles. We had went over the mountains to spend a weekend in Cherokee. Check out the fringe on the shirt. I loved that shirt.

As I got a little older, the hair got a little bigger. Lots of curls going on this day. All natural.

I must share a little story before you scroll to the next one. My daughter was in high school and taking a cosmetology class. She had to give a perm. She was petrified. Since I had long hair anyway and needed a trim and being the wonderful devoted mother that I am, I let her talk me into using me as a guinea pig for her first perm. Now I must admit it sounded a little strange to perm naturally curly hair, but we were going to just do a body perm to add a little control to the curls. The result....Major Big Hair!

Does that not crack you up! It's as wide as it is tall. I weigh 92 pounds then and I think 15 pounds of it was hair. And what about the glasses!!! Huge! I was so tiny and petite that I must have thought I needed to have big hair and big glasses just so you could find me in a crowd. The bad part is I actually LIKED it back then. And, guess what, the perm lasted one full year!  Well, now that I have totally humiliated myself, feel free to get a good chuckle at my expense. If your friends can't laugh at you, who can. Hope you have a great day.