Aprons and stuff...

I have always loved aprons. Simply by tying on an apron you can be back in the kitchen with Mom baking a batch of cookies, with Mamaw frying a skillet of chicken or with Grandma making a pound cake. My mom makes the cutest aprons. I have this shelf in the kitchen that has peg hooks so I decided I will hang my aprons on there. Mom has agreed to make me some more for my collection so I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday and here is all the material I picked out for my new aprons. My kitchen is done in French Country Decor with a lot of grapes, roosters, teapots, fruits, pretty much anything goes. So my apron taste runs along the same lines of anything goes.

Here is the first one, I just love purple and this one will go good with grapes in the kitchen.

Another thing you will find in a French Country kitchen is daisies and sunflowers. Since daisies are my favorite flower and this looked so dainty, I just had to have it.

Some of my aprons are for display but some of them are for using. This is going to be my apron for when I'm in my baking mode.

This will be one for the rare occasion when I cook or when we have company and I help out in the kitchen. My favorite color in the entire world is red. Always has been and always will be, even though I go through spells where I like other colors, I will always be partial to red. And when it is put with black, I love it. So this one just said "take me home."

Since I am currently in my whimsical mode and I have always loved Easter, this one was a no brainer. Love the little chicks. Can't wait until Easter to get to wear this one.

And of course when my granddaughters are over, they will need their own apron. Since one of their special times with Mamaw was the Disney Princesses on Ice and they are both little dainty princesses, I had to have this for their aprons.

All in all, it was a wonderful day at the material department. And the best part...it was all on sale for 30% - 40% off! Saved a little over $15.00. WOO HOO!

I picked up a couple of other cutie's I was happy with. This little basket is the exact color of my flower clock in the bathroom and some of the birdhouses in the shower curtains. I was wanting something for my cotton balls and thought this would be a good fit...especially at 99 cents. Then they rang it up and it was 50% off. So a bargain at 49 cents.

I've been looking for a necklace out of that dull copper material. But when I find one I like they are so expensive that I don't want to pay what they were asking. But yesterday, at Walmart, I found exactly what I wanted. It was on sale for $3.00. It's one of those double chain necklaces. I love it.

It was a day for bargains. I picked up a sweater I've been admiring that finally went on sale. Payless started their BOGO 1/2 off sale. They have some new adorable flip flops in so I, of course, had to have two new pairs. Again, at a savings. It was an awesome day. With all the discounts and coupons I had yesterday, I saved $54.61. A wonderful day for shopping.


Deb said...
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Mary said...

Looks like you had a great day, especially with all the savings...I know my favorite designer is "Mr. Clearance." lol..

Rachel said...

Love the material! I like my aprons. I wear them quite a bit. Can't wait to see them all finished.

Nicole from "All of the Joy" said...

My mother in law made me and my nine year old daughter matching aprons for Christmas and they by far were my favorite gift. I,however, am not a domestic goddess, but there is something about the apron that makes you feel like you could take on anything with grace.
By the way I live in Knoxville so Im thoroughly enjoying your smoky mountain wisdom. Nothing like a moutain mama to share the good news of Christ and family.