Craft Craze

When working on crafts or visiting craft stores, do you ever find yourself overwhelmed? Sometimes I feel like the little birdy in this picture. He looks like he is thinking "Uh oh, what do I do now?" Well, that's my sentiment exactly.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I decided I wanted to get back into my crafting. I had let it slide for almost a year and I was really missing it. I decided I wanted to do some of the primitive stitching but had gotten down low on my stock of assorted fat quarters. I made a trip to Jo-Ann's. Bought some material, some Wunder Under, needles and thread. Then I headed to Walmart and bought a sweatshirt and some bread cloth napkins. A skein of yarn caught my eye, so I added that to the cart as well.

Once I was ready to start crafting, I thought to myself "I need a couple of new coasters for the living room." I make these with plastic canvas and yarn. So I went to http://www.freepatterns.com/ and found some cute coaster patterns and decided to "whip up" a couple. In two days time, I had six new coasters. Which led me to a desire to do a box. My sister wanted one for her bedroom so I bought some more yarn in her colors. I started it last night. Here's part of the top of her box.

When I was looking for pattern ideas, I found the cutest little pattern for something simple that can be made into an ornament, refrigerator magnet, whatever. I decided to make him for a dear friend of mine. He's not complete yet, but this is a project I'm going to finish up tonight.

My major weakness in crafting is yarn. So yesterday, when I went to AC Moore to get some more plastic canvas, I just HAD to go through the yarn. I love variegated yarns and found a couple I couldn't resist.

I want to make a little basket and birdhouse for my living room. My colors are Burgundy, green and deep country blue. I was having a hard time finding a blue I liked, but I found this one at AC Moore and it is exactly the color of the blue flowers in my furniture. So I had to get that as well.

This weekend I'm going to cut out and iron on the designs for the sweatshirt and bread clothes that got me started a couple of weeks ago. I have a tendency to get side tracked when it comes to yarn. But I'll get it all completed. There is nothing to me as relaxing sitting on the couch watching TV with hubby while I craft.


Deb said...
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Rachel said...

I love the lid to my new box. I can't wait to get it. Mom and I went to A.C. Moore today and she bought some blue yarn to finish her afghan she is crocheting for the back of her couch. I will post a picture of it when she finishes. I bought a wicker trunk for my living room to use as a coffee table. It is like the one in your office. It was 40% off. I love a good bargain!

Deb said...
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