Sunny and Mr. Wind

Sunny had been out of town, but yesterday he decided to make an appearance. Everyone was so glad to see him. People started venturing out of their homes. Snow could be seen melting off the roof tops and patios. You could feel the warmth on your face as you looked up to the sky. People went shopping. They worked in their yards. They washed the salt off their cars. It was totally an awesome day.

Just when we were feeling good about the day, guess who blew back into town?

That's right that old wind bag, Mr. Wind. Did he return as a gentle breeze softly kissing our face? Did he bring the warm air from the ocean? No he came back like a blast of cold arctic air. One whisper of air from his lips was enough to cut right through you. But we kept on enjoying our day with Sunny. We suffered through the chill Mr. Wind cast upon the day.

We have always heard the saying "Into every life a little rain must fall." We knew Little Miss Icy Rain was coming to visit tonight.

So we braved Mr. Wind to make sure we got plenty of time with Sunny. Once Little Miss Icy Rain heads this way, we know it's back to the "Woe is me" winter blues. So I hope you each enjoyed your time with Sunny and here's a little thought of spring to help you through the winter week to come.

Happy Sunday!

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