The 4 cent counter....

Back in the Sixties when I was in elementary school, Daddy would sit in his chair and we would rub his feet or back. He would pay us a quarter for doing it. At the end of the week, we would all walk into town to catch the "town bus" to go to the big city of Huntington. We would have our quarter burning a hole in our pocket.

There was a store there called the Bazaar. In the basement, was this big square counter with dividers sectioning it off. It was called The Four Cent Counter. Everything on there was four cents. We loved spending our quarters on items from there.

We always bought a new rain bonnet in the little plastic cases. Not having a car, those came in very handy if we were walking and got caught in the rain. Being young, it didn't bother us to be seen with them covering our head.

We always had to have the little elastic bracelets that looked like Chiclets gum. We thought we were tough stuff with our "jewelry." Of course there was always the collapsible drinking cups with pill holders in them. Even though we didn't carry or take any pills, we loved the collapsible cup.

There was also the set of watches that we had to have. It was a toy watch on an elastic band and you got one for yourself and one for your baby doll in the package. I always bought the one with a red band. I thought they were so cool.

No matter what we bought with our quarter, it was always something fun and special. And even though each item only cost us four cents, it brought us memories that are priceless.


Beth said...

Sounds like great fun to me.

Deb said...
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Donna said...

Bee..I LOVED this post!! How sweet! I had adored those collapsible cups and treasured mine. What a fun memory! PS. I also loved the rain caps. I couldn't imagine how they ever thought of them. They didn't embarrass me either. LoL!