Hmmm, interesting.

I learned something about myself these past couple of days. When it comes to sweets, I am selfish. Hubby bought me a pound of orange creams from the Apple Barn. I posted on Facebook about it, saying "Mine, all mine."

Then, today, Hubby took me to Applebees and here is what I had for dessert...

When I posted about it on Facebook, my comment was..."Two spoons? Seriously. Do they really think I'm going to share dessert?"

So, what have I learned from this? Not only am I selfish, but it is easy to see why I simply CANNOT lose those last 10 pounds. I also learned that I buy sweets at places with healthy names...Apple Barn, Applebees... do you see a pattern here?

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Beth said...

I feel the same way about sweets. :-)