I need your opinion.....

Our local fire department is a volunteer fire department in need of new turn-out gear and a new tanker truck. They are holding a fundraiser in March. It is a spaghetti dinner and basket auction. Different groups and individuals are showing their support by donating auction "baskets". When I was first approached about this a month ago, I immediately knew what I wanted to do. But last night, I had a dream that I did something totally different. Now, I am torn. I have three ideas and would like your opinion on which you think would bring the best price at an auction.

Idea #1 - Movie Night Basket

I would purchase some all time classics or recent releases on DVD. I would fill the basket with 4 or 5 movies, microwave popcorn, movie size candy and several bottles of soft drinks.

Idea #2 - Travel Basket

I would use a 31 Organizing Tote (like the one above without a monogram) to fill it with travel related items to use in the car. My idea was to put a travel pillow, fleece travel blanket, a couple of travel mugs in the pockets, Germ-X, tissues, small first aid kit, etc. Things you would want to have handy in the car while you travel.

Item #3 - Craft Basket

A basket with yarn, crochet hooks, knitting needles, a few patterns, a few quarter rounds of material. Just basic craft supplies that any crafter would enjoy.

Please let me know your thoughts on which basket would bring the most at the auction.


Beth said...

Since the movie basket would have greater appeal for most people, I would go with it.

Amy said...

I think that the movie basket would have a great appeal.

It is a great idea!

Jan at Jewelry4Change said...

I'd like the travel basket.

Butterfly Flutter said...

I think the movie basket would work best.

Bee's Place said...

Thanks everyone for their comments. From what I'm seeing here, on my FB post, and emails to friends and family, the movie basket is winning by a landslide. That was my original idea. I always trust my instincts and I should have in this as well. Thanks again for your help.