It's going to be a great weekend....

The sun is peeping through the clouds. The weatherman says it should reach mid-60's today (but my optimistic personality believes it will get higher). Cinnamon rolls are baking in the oven and a huge glass of ice cold whole milk is calling my name from the fridge.

I'm going to head out to a big children's consignment sale this morning, with a list of sizes for all 5 grandchildren. We are having lunch at Texas Roadhouse, which means unlimited rolls. Do I need the bread? Not so much. Do I crave the bread? Oh, yeah.

Some more shopping at Five Oaks Factory Outlet mall in the afternoon then home for a relaxing evening with hubby.

A light supper and an hour with Hawaii 5-0 on my On Demand because I missed it Monday night and haven't had a chance to watch it yet.

Tomorrow is Sunday School and Church and more sign ups for the church directory portraits.

I love my life!  Hope everybody has a wonderful weekend!

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