Thought this was cute...

Two of my grandchildren, Shelby and Caleb spent the night Friday. Shelby is my camera ham. If you pick up a camera anywhere in her vicinity, there is a CHEESE and smile that just pops up in front of you. I walked in the living room and Caleb was intensely playing Construction City and I didn't see Shelby. My cell phone was laying there so I picked it up to snap a quick picture of him while my little ham wasn't in the room. This is what I got.
But I absolutely cracked up when the click sounded and THIS popped up from the chair with a CHEESE. 
I had no idea she was in the chair behind her bubby watching him play. Just made me smile so I had to share it.

Have a happy day!


Beth said...

Lovely moment. Precious photos.

nita said...

Yes, precious moments