How high's the water Mama?

I'm not sure about you, but I'm a little over rainy weather. If we are getting this much rain now, what will it be like when April Showers head our way. I've been keeping a close eye on our river these last couple of days. We live about one mile down river from Douglas Dam. We have always loved living on the River. About 22 years ago, we lived along the Little Pigeon River and did experience the water coming out of the banks. It stopped short of reaching the yard, but we moved everything up to a higher level, just in case it flooded. That was scary and I was a little leary to live on the river again. But with the Dam just a mile up river and controlling the water flow, we moved on the French Broad River about 12 years ago. Over the years, it has been fascinating to watch the water as they release it from the dam and when they let it build back up. Sometimes, when they stop letting the water out, it gives the appearance of flowing backwards. And when it rains then gets hot, it has a mist that appears as if rising out of the water.

The water is starting to rise because they are letting it out at the dam to keep the lake water at the necessary level to prevent flooding downstream. I told my daughter one day that I was so glad to live close to the dam so I could enjoy living on the water and not worry about flooding. I was fine with that thought until she came back with "Now all you have to worry about is the dam bursting." Thank you dear child of mine.

Just thought I would share some photos from the last couple of days rains and how it has affected the river. Have a great day.


Rachel said...

Wow! That is up. Love sitting on your patio drinking a cup of coffee watching the river! So quite and peaceful.

Deb said...
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